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BBC Merlin Newsletter
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Newsletter for BBC's Merlin
Who Are We?

This is a daily newsletter for the BBC Show Merlin. You can simply add it to your reading list by clicking here

The Dreamwidth Version of our newsletter is: [dreamwidth.org profile]bbc_merlin_news

Your editors for this newsletter are:
tmz_cori, mamoru22, 1miracle, sinjah and amato

Categories for the newsletter are as follows:
  • Official News (Interviews, Episode Information, Upcoming Events)
  • Fannish News (Challenges, Awards, Fannish News, New Communities)
  • Fannish Chatter (EpisodeReviews, EpisodeDiscussion, Meta, Requests)
  • Drabbles
  • Fanfic Completed
  • Fanfic in Progress
  • Graphics (Fanart and Icons)
  • Resources (Screencaps, Picspams, Downloads)
  • Songvids
  • Miscellaneous (Fanmix, Podfic, Macros, Recs, Misc)

  • We are now using the fanfic Icons from the AO3 with some additions to fit our newsletter.
    Multiple Genres

    The Newsletter links are being tagged by us in delicious so do check out our delicious page for a more searchable library of everything Merlin. A big thank you also goes to murklins who wrote the fantastic script that makes newslettering with the help of delicious such a joy!

    What Are We Linking?

    We will include any public, Merlin related posts made on any of the Merlin communities listed here or public posts on the newsletters friendslist if we have the time to check that one. If anyone wants us to not link to them, just drop any of the editors a short note and of course we will heed your wishes.

    Due to the length of the newsletter we are implementing a minimum requirement of 2 pieces for Icons, Recs and Screencaps. So, your post will have to include more than 1 Icon, Rec or Screencap in order to be linked on the Newsletter.

    If you:
  • want us to delete a post of yours we have linked to
  • want us to not link to any post made by you on your LJ
  • have submissions you think we might find interesting
  • have any questions or complaints
  • want to help us gather links or compile the newsletter

  • please contact us at:
    merlinnews@googlemail.com or leave us a comment (comments will be screened)

    What Can You Do?

    We would like to ask you to please read the Info provided on this page as well as our FAQ before sending in any questions. But rest assured, that we will happily answer any remaining questions you might still have.

    While the newsletter does not post spoilers itself, any entries linked may contain spoilers. Please use your own discretion.

    If you want to help us out by sending us links, or even better when posting your stories to any communities, we are always grateful for any header that includes the following information:
  • name of author
  • category, rating and pairing
  • spoiler warning in case needed (if fanfic already has a spoiler warning in the header this is not necessary)
  • word count

  • A good place to announce your art, fic or vids is the merlin_bulletin for any and all pairings and genres.

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